Hey it’s me, Todd! I’m a designer (among other things) who can do a whole buncha stuff! You need me to draw a thing? Drawn. You need me to fix a broken thing? Fix’d. You need me to solve some nebulous, amorphous, systematic problem? Not actually a problem. They say the devil’s in the details and let’s just say… I worship the devil… Wait… That’s not… Wait…

Here’s a short (non-inclusive) list of just a few of the things I’ve gotten good at:

  1. Illustration

  2. Layout and print design

  3. 2D/3D motion

  4. Branding and collateral creation

  5. Broad or specific advertising and marketing campaign ideation and production across multiple print and digital platforms

  6. Macaroni portraits

  7. Photography and videography, both in and out of studio

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. If you don’t, email me and I can clarify: